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Student Injuries and Insurace (for all students, not just for athletics)

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

Alamogordo Public Schools is committed to providing a safe environment for your student. As such, your school carries accident medical coverage for injuries to students that occur while your student is on campus attending regularly schedule classes, practicing and playing in interscholastic sports for the school, and while attending events that are directly sponsored by and directly supervised by the school. Please know that your school does not assume responsibility for these costs, and the policy is provided to assist when accidents do happen and help with resulting medical treatment. The policy is secondary to any existing primary coverage to assist with any co-pays and deductibles left by primary coverage. But, in the event there is no primary coverage, this policy will act as primary in those instances to assist with medical costs.

Of course, active students can get hurt outside of school as well. As a service to you and your child, your school has joined with hundreds of other schools in New Mexico by offering you access to a low cost, voluntary purchase student accident/sickness insurance program. The program is arranged and administered by Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc., a firm that has specialized in such coverages for over 40 years.

Enrollment is also available online by going to

Voluntary Suplimental Student Sickness & Accident Insurance - English

Voluntary Suplimental Student Sickness & Accident Insurance - Spanish

In the event a students is involved in a covered accident, a claim form will need to be completed and submitted. The forms are listed below are also available at under the drop down “Services” tab, you can choose “Claims Adjudication” for PDF links to these forms.

MST Claim Form – English

MST Claim Form – Spanish

A few things to remember; 1) Coverage extends to all school-sponsored, school-supervised events, including all interscholastic sports. 2) For students without any primary insurance coverage, Myers-Stevens are their primary accident coverage, but are still secondary to any primary insurance coverage. Which means they will also assist parents with co-pays and deductibles for covered accidents. 3) Parents/guardians are free to seek treatment with any licensed practitioner. 4) Myers-Stevens can reimburse parents/guardians if they pay for the covered service out-of-pocket, or they can reimburse the facility or doctor if they bill them.

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