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School Supplies


APS Athletics Program seeks to provide a positive, competitive experience for each player.

(575) 812-5567

School Supplies

Business & Finance

APS Finance Dept manages and accounts for the outlay of resources entrusted to the School District.

(575) 812-6044

School Supplies

Capital Outlay

Capital Outlay and Facilities is responsible for district capital improvement projects.

(575) 812-6014

School Supplies


The Communications Office creates and implements an effective communication system.

(575) 812-6010

School Supplies

District Services

District Services promotes a safe and clean learning environment, and serves as a distribution center for the district.

(575) 812-6054

School Supplies

Health Services

Providing health care services through the use of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and health assistants.

(575) 812-6094

School Supplies

Human Resources

APS creates a workplace where everyone is engaged and thrives in work and life.

(575) 812-6061

School Supplies

Safety and Security

The safety and security of APS students and staff is our top priority.

(575) 812-6074

School Supplies

Special Education

SPED is committed to giving APS students with disabilities the means to achieve their goals.

(575) 812-6048

School Supplies

Student Nutrition

SNS serves our students healthy, fun nutritious meals that meet the USDA meal pattern standards.

(575) 812-6085

School Supplies

Superintendent's Office

Providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the school district aligned with the School Board.

(575) 812-6001

School Supplies

Support Services

Support Services provides operational support for APS.

School Supplies

Teaching & Learning

Providing one year of learning for one year of teaching - Every student, every year.

(575) 812-6012

School Supplies


TSS provides excellent service, response, and training for all District technology resources.

(575) 812-6028

School Supplies


Serving the community with safe, efficient, and effective transportation to and from school.

(575) 812-5437

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