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**These hours of operation are not set in stone. We have many different sports competing throughout the year that will require both athletic trainers to be off campus. The athletic training room may be closed before 6:00 PM on these days. Please refer to the message board on the door as to why the athletic training room is closed.


  • No profanity or excessively loud talking is allowed.
  • No cleats, spikes, or dirty shoes are allowed
  • No unsupervised treatments or rehabilitation are allowed.
  • No one is allowed in the athletic training room when the Athletic Trainers are not present.
  • You must sign in using the IPad EVERY TIME you come in for treatment.
  • You must be wearing shirts/shorts in accordance with dress code AT ALL TIMES.
  • All illnesses and injuries must be reported to the Athletic Trainers.
  • No food is allowed to be eaten in the athletic training room.
  • Do not remove any item from the athletic training room without the permission of the Athletic Trainers
  • Return any equipment loaned to you by the Athletic Trainers.
  • Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Any personal items you bring into the athletic training room are your responsibility.
  • You and your coaches do not decide your treatments, rehabilitation, or participation status. These decisions are made by the Athletic Trainers only. 
  • No photographic social media is allowed during treatments. It is against the law.
  • Violation of these rules will be reported to your coach(es), and could result in a disciplinary referral, refusal of treatment, and removal from the athletic training room.

Parents FAQ

  1. What services are provided by the Athletic Trainers?
    1. The Athletic Trainer at AHS is healthcare professional here to provide outstanding medical care to the student athletes of Alamogordo High School. This medical care includes emergency medical care during games and practices, evaluation of sports-related injuries, rehabilitation of sports-related injuries, wound care/first aid, doctor referrals, and concussion management. They also loan sports medicine equipment such as braces, sleeves, and crutches, and provide preventative or injury taping.
  2. When can my child come in for treatment for their injury?
    1. Student athletes who are injured during practice or games should come in for treatment before school. Morning treatments are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM or during your Athletic period in the Athletic Training Room. No treatments will be done during a education class period.
  3. What happens once my child becomes injured?
    1. Upon sustaining an injury during a practice or game, the student athlete will be evaluated and cared for by the Athletic Trainers immediately. For any injury, regardless of severity, a carbon-copy injury note will be sent home with the student athlete. This note will explain the student's injury, and any further action necessary. For severe injuries, parent contact will be made as soon as possible via cell phone. Depending on the severity, the Athletic Trainers will assist in setting up a doctor's appointment with the team physician if possible. If sent to a doctor, an injury status form will also be sent home, and must be completed by the doctor, and brought back to the Athletic Trainers following the appointment.
  4. What injuries should my child sit out of all practices for?
    1. Concussions, fractures, surgeries, severe muscle strains, severe joint sprains
    2. Athletes with mild to moderate injuries may still participate in practice or participate in an alternate work out created by their coach or the Athletic Trainers. For example, a football player who sprained his ankle may not be able to lift lower body, so instead he will lift upper body.
  5. My child has been injured, what do I need to do next?
    1. Follow the instructions given by the Athletic Trainers on the injury report that was sent home with your child. This form will explain the injury and give instructions for home care.
  6. If my child gets injured at their club sport, can they receive treatment from the Athletic Trainers?
    1. Yes. However, before any treatment is administered by the Athletic Trainers, a doctor's note must be turned in to the Athletic Trainers detailing the injury, and what the doctor's intended course of treatment is. If the student has been seen by a physical therapist, chiropractor, or any other healthcare professional, they must have a note from that healthcare professional in addition to the doctor's note.
    2. We do not have this policy because we do not want to treat students who were injured outside of school, We have this policy because it is a professional liability for the Athletic Trainers to care for a student athlete under the care of another healthcare provider. Notes keep all the healthcare providers caring for a student athlete on the same page.
  7. My student borrowed sports medicine equipment from the Athletic Trainers. What should I do?
    1. The student athlete may borrow sports medicine equipment loaned from the Athletic Trainers until they no longer require it. Once the student athlete is done using the equipment, it should be returned to the Athletic Trainers. If an item was damaged through normal use, that is fine. However, should the item become lost or broken in a manner inconsistent with normal use, a fine will be charged to replace the item. The Athletic Trainers keep a running log off all equipment loaned out.
  8. Where can I obtain a physical packet?
    2. All other forms will be on
  9. Do you have a team doctor or physician that you recommend?
    1. Yes. We work closely with Dr. Allan Rickman from Champion Orthopadeics 
    2. Their information and referrals to their office can be given by request, or will be given in the event that your child sustains an injury.

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