What is Telehealth?

APS Telehealth will provide families with an option to get an urgent care appointment for their child at the school. This service is an online connection with a local primary care provider, parent, and school nurse.

The child will have an assessment done by the school RN. The medical provider, from Champion Urgent Care, will be on the screen of the Telehealth unit, and the parent or parent designee will be in the nurse's office or participating in the appointment via phone. Through the use of technology, a school nurse is able to use a stethoscope, otoscope, and dermascope at the school. The physician can see through the scopes on the camera, make a diagnosis and prescribe if necessary without the parent having to leave work or the child leaving school.

This program is intended to keep healthy kids at school and provide convenient medical care for those that need to be seen by a medical provider.

The parent must give permission for the visit and be present by phone or in person at the school.

Keeping Kids Happy, Healthy & Educated!

*Insurance will be charged, just like an Urgent Care visit. If you do not have insurance, please contact Denise Narvaez at (575) 430-1986 to help you get your child signed up for Medicaid.*

Are you interested in participating?  Download the consent form and return it to your student's school nurse.  You will also need to complete a GCRMC Urgent Care form. If you have additional questions, please call 575-812-6088 or this Email.

Press Release: Alamogordo Public Schools Partners with Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center Urgent Care to Launch Innovative Telehealth Program

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs) - This document will be updated as additional questions are asked and answered.