Out-of-Zone Transfer Application

Students are expected to attend their zoned school as designated by Alamogordo School Board Policy. However, if a parent is looking for accommodations from a different Alamogordo Public School, the 2024-2025 Out-of-Zone Transfer Application may be submitted.  There is no guarantee the transfer application will be approved and a new application must be submitted each school year for any associated student.

Parents should register the student at the zoned school and if the Out-of-Zone Transfer Application is approved, the registration record will be transferred to the approved school.

Students living on HAFB, with proof of address, are already IN zone for Holloman schools and are NOT REQUIRED to fill out the above form.

If you have questions about out-of-zone requests, eligibility, or school zones, please reach out to Alamogordo Public Schools through Let's Talk at 575-812-8573.