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STOPit - Anonymous Reporting

Alamogordo Public Schools is pleased to announce that our district and schools are now using STOPit, an online anonymous reporting system that is designed to deter bullying, discrimination, and other inappropriate or unsafe behaviors.

Students and families can use STOPit to:

  • Make anonymous reports through the STOPit mobile app, website, or via phone with the 24/7 Incident Response Center

  • Submit photo or video evidence (App/Web Only)

  • Alert school administrators to issues early, before they escalate

  • Connect immediately via text with certified mental health counselors through the Crisis Text Line located in the app

Students and family members have the power to help put an end to harmful and inappropriate behavior they see online through social media and other means. Students can use STOPit to reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis, experiencing bullying, or abuse, or need mental health support. STOPit can be used to report bullying, cyberbullying, discrimination, harassment, violence, threats, weapons, alcohol or drug-related issues, mental health struggles like suicidal ideations, or any other concerns.

How does STOPit work?

  1. Students or family members make a tip via mobile app, website, or hotline 505-596-9669.

  2. The Incident Response Center monitors and reviews the submission.

  3. School administrators receive and act on tip submissions.

How to Report Your Concern


Mobile App: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, search Alamogordo Public Schools, and select your school.

Hotline: 505-596-9669

STOPit is anonymous

No personal information is needed to use STOPit. The only way personally identifiable information will be accessible through STOPit is if a student/family member voluntarily includes it within the content of a request or report. APS and STOPit are committed to protecting the privacy of student data. STOPit is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, spearheaded by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association. You may review STOPit's Privacy Policy for details, including more information on how anonymous reporting works.

Frequently Asked Questions