Technology Support Services

Empowering Education Through Technology


To ensure every student, teacher, and staff member has reliable and effective access to technology in support of our district's commitment to academic excellence and equitable learning.


To be a proactive and innovative partner, fostering a seamless and secure technology environment that enables 21st-century teaching and learning for all.

Scope of Services

  • Technical Support. Provide timely and efficient resolution to hardware, software, and network issues for schools and district office locations.

  • Device Management. Deploy, maintain, and secure various technology devices, including computers (Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops), phones, tablets, and interactive whiteboards.

  • Audio / Visual Support. Meet the needs for district-wide audio/visual services, including speaker systems, wireless microphones, and video live-streaming for conferences and events.

  • Network Infrastructure. Manage and maintain the district's network infrastructure, ensuring reliable and secure internet access.

  • Data Security. Implement and enforce data security protocols to protect student and staff information.

  • Professional Development. Offer training and support to educators and staff on integrating technology into their teaching and learning practices.

  • Project Management. Implement and manage technology-related projects, such as software rollouts, infrastructure development, and upgrades.

  • Policy Compliance. Assure adherence to all district and state technology policies and regulations.

Key Values

  • Service Excellence. Committed to providing exceptional customer service to all users.

  • Collaboration. Work closely with educators, staff, and community stakeholders to understand and address their technology needs.

  • Innovation. Embrace new technologies and solutions to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Equity. Ensure equitable access to technology for all students regardless of background or ability.

  • Security. Prioritize the security and privacy of student and staff data.


Our team of knowledgeable and passionate technology professionals is dedicated to supporting the district's educational mission. We constantly seek new ways to leverage technology to improve learning outcomes and create a dynamic learning environment for all.

TSS is comprised of a Technology Director, a data and implementation Services Specialist, an in-house Network Specialist, three IT Technicians (Level II), four mobile Field Technicians (Level I), and partners with a data center and managed IT services contractor. We also streamline district-wide help desk ticketing for technology, maintenance, and educational support with a Center of Excellence Specialist and Support Technician. TSS partners with Health Services to provide additional support, via a Technology Specialist, for student health software and telehealth devices.


  • Increased student engagement and achievement through effective technology integration.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity for teachers and staff.

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration within the district and with the community.

  • A safe and secure technology environment for learning and teaching.