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Trio Upward Bound- Alamogordo Currently Recruiting High School Students

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The NMSU TRIO Upward Bound Program Alamogordo seeks students who:

  • Want to attend college to receive their baccalaureate degree
  • Are committed to attending all scheduled Upward Bound events year-round
  • Will complete assigned work, participate in activities and have a good attitude and attendance

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NMSU’s TRIO Upward Bound Program- Alamogordo (UB) is 100% funded through a grant by the U.S. Department of Education Act of 1965. UB is a year-round college preparatory program serving sixty (60) eligible high school students from Alamogordo High School. 

Mission:  The mission of the NMSU TRIO Upward Bound Program- Alamogordo is to assist students from Alamogordo High School successfully completing their secondary and post-secondary education.

Purpose:  The purpose of UB is to generate in program participants the skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education.  
Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance.  The Program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in pre-college performance and ultimately in higher education pursuits.  Upward Bound serves high school students from low-income families, and/or high school students from families in which neither parent holds a baccalaureate degree. 

Goal:  The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rates at which participants enroll in and graduate from institutions of post-secondary education. 

UB PRogramming Requirements

Students are required to participate in ALL scheduled Upward Bound activities during the academic school year including:

  • After School Meetings are held with a coordinator to complete activities pertaining to academic enrichment, career awareness, ACT/SAT test prep, and/or college admissions or financial aid requirements.
  • Saturday Academic Sessions are held once a month and are designed to provide supplemental instruction that will enhance academic skills in language arts, reading, writing, math, test strategies, and college enrichment.
  • Incentives are based on attendance and participation. Students will have the opportunity to earn a stipend once a semester. 
  • UB Student Council is designed to promote students’ leadership, communication, planning, and organizational skills through interaction with others in cultural and social activities. Students will serve on committees throughout the year to develop and coordinate various activities and projects including community service opportunities
  • Information Sessions and Workshops are designed to inform the student and their parents about program expectations, college preparation, career awareness, and to provide information pertaining to post-secondary entrance (admissions, financial aid, testing, and more).


This summer component is designed to give students exposure to college life while participating in a six-week summer academic program. Weekly activities include active learning combined with educational/cultural field trips and presentations.

Students will:

  1. Enhance their academic skills through the use of highly motivating materials, hands on practical experiences, and enrichment activities.
  2. Explore and strengthen their academic talent is a challenging educational setting.
  3. Gain experience working with others. Attend cultural, educational, and recreational events.

Students will have the opportunity to earn a summer stipend based on assignment completion, participation, and attendance.


Once a participant reaches their senior year in high school they are classified as a Bridge student. Bridge students receive assistance with college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, selecting majors, registering for the ACT/SAT exams, and visiting regional universities. After graduation, students enroll in two courses at NMSU that pertain to their degree and earn up to seven college credit hours. Students live on campus during the first summer session, complete an internship with a department on campus, receive mentoring and tutoring, and register for fall courses.

For questions regarding the application process or program eligibility, please contact: 

Veronica Jackson
Student Program Coordinator, Sr.
(915) 588-7060 

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