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Have a question?  Utilize our call center, Let's Talk! to find answers to frequently asked questions 24/7 or to call and text with local staff during regular business hours at 575-812-8573.

Alamogordo Public Schools Organizational Chart

Name Title    Phone Number    Email
Michael Crabtree Acting Superintendent 575.812.6002
Vacant Deputy Superintendent of Operations 575.812.6065
Vacant Deputy Superintendent Teaching & Learning 575.812.6012
Lisa Patch Executive Director of Health Services 575.812.6095
Melissa Cole

Director of Special Education

Alan Edmonson Director of Athletics 575.812.5565
Ken Barnett, PE Director of Capital Outlay Projects
Christina Allen Director of Technology 575.812.6083
Debra Rottland Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction 575.812.6025
Jason Rowe Human Resources Coordinator 575.812.6045
Vacant Facilities Coordinator 575.812.6015
Doyle Syling Chief of Safety & Security 575.812.6075
Sandra Davis Student Nutrition Coordinator 575.812.6085
Donavan Balsley Transportation Coordinator 575.812.6098
Marie Bouma Business & Finance Coordinator 575.812.6044
Butch Tyler District Services Coordinator 575.812.6056
Michelle Brideaux Communications Coordinator 575.812.6010

Kristie Eamello Federal Programs Coordinator 575.812.5984

Monica Steeby Family Engagement Coordinator 575.812.6081

Sandra Wilder Mental Health Coordinator 575.812.6097
Joanne Gronewold Resource Nurse 575.812.6088
Carrie Rowe Coordinator of Data & Assessment 575.812.6035
Jessica Lopez Coordinator of Technology & Innovation 575.812.6031
Anna Alday Coordinator of Career Technology Education 575.812.5560
Dr. Whitney Anderson Coordinator of CLSD Grant 575.812.6005 

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