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Preparing Your Move from APS

Information on Educational Records Requests and Transfers

Alamogordo Public Schools (APS) maintains student records in compliance with laws in New Mexico and the federal government. The withdrawal of students from school falls under these compliance laws and policies within APS.

Once requested, schools will make every effort to furnish to the parent a complete set of unofficial educational records within a reasonable time frame but will satisfy the request within ten (10) working days.

Upon receipt of the unofficial education records by a school in the receiving state, the school shall enroll and appropriately place the student based on the information provided in the unofficial records pending validation by the official records, as quickly as possible.

When military orders require a family to move prior to the end of the school year, they are expected to enroll in the receiving school if that school is in session. However, if a family is transferring to a school where the school is no longer in session, it is recommended the family work with their current APS school to make arrangements for completing course work, end of course exams, and receiving final grades.

Every installation has a Military School Liaison Officer who serves all military-connected families. The School Liaison Program Manager at Holloman AFB serves all military-connected families living in the Alamogordo Public School district and will connect you with the School Liaison at your next installation.

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