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Planning Your Move to APS

Planning Your Arrival at Alamogordo Public Schools

Enter your address in the boundary locator to determine the name of your zoned school. If you already know your zoned school, then you can find your school’s website by visiting our Schools Directory for contact information.

Frequent moves are often part of military family life and enrolling in a new school can be challenging. However, at Alamogordo Public Schools (APS), we have policies specifically designed to meet your unique needs and ease your transition.

Student Registration

Please review the registration process outlined on the Registration page to understand the overall registration process. However, this page offers information about the special considerations given to military families during the time of student enrollment. These policies differ from those offered to non-military families.

Kindergarten Registration

In a situation in which a military child who falls under the provisions of MIC3 has registered for kindergarten in the sending state prior to transfer, even if the child never actually attended kindergarten in the sending state’s public school, the student would be eligible to enroll in kindergarten in the receiving state (New Mexico).

Special Considerations for Military Families

Enrolling Before Arrival

For military members who are not living in the Alamogordo Public School district, but who intend to move into the Alamogordo Public School district on official military order, NM Senate Bill 272 allows for enrollment in public school prior to their actual physical presence in the school district if documentation is provided indicating such relocation. 

The following is required:

Proof of residence in the school district within forty-five (45) days after the published arrival date provided on official military documentation; and may use any of the following addresses related to the the family’s military move:

  • a temporary on-base billeting facility;
  • off-base military housing; or
  • a purchased or leased residence.
  • School Location

Upon request by a parent or legal guardian, APS provides an open enrollment of any student residing on a military installation or in military housing located within the Alamogordo Public School district, if the school capacity and grade-level capacity are at the requested school will permit. Information regarding the application process may be accessed on the [Student Transfer] page.


In a situation in which a military child who falls under the provisions of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (MIC3) is without documentation of immunizations, he or she will be immediately enrolled and shall have up to 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain any required immunizations.

Holloman AFB School Liaison

To help make your transition easier, the Department of Defense (DOD) provides a School Liaison Officer or a point of contact. Contact the Holloman AFB School Liaison Program Manager for assistance with school registration or any other issues. 

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